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Deployment of the training offer in order to meet expectations of professions associated with Job Campuses

Job Campuses (Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications – CMQ) aim to offer a range of training, adapted to the needs of the labor market (regional or local), with content related to changes in the business. Their main objectives are to create sustainable jobs, particularly in sectors with difficulties in recruitment, or to allow a continual adaptation as part of continuous trainings.

Different pedagogies are mobilized to secure the career paths: use of digital technologies, distance learning, self-training, active teaching, differentiated instruction etc.

The CMQs are also places of life during the training/education: services (access to housing, sport, culture), a strengthened link between actors of orientation and professional integration.

You will find in the upload documents section files describing Job Campuses in the Bourgogne Franche-Comté area.

The following Web sites of the Job Campuses describe their specific activities : Agricultural equipment (AgroEquipement)(AE), Food, Taste, Tourism (Alimentation, Goût, Tourisme) (AGT), Car and Mobilities of the Future (Automobile et Mobilités du Futur) (AMF), Performant Innovative Technological Industry (Industrie Technologique Innovante et Performante) (ITIP), Leather Goods and Art Jobs (Maroquinerie et Métiers d’Arts) (MMA), Microtechnics and Intelligent Systems (Microtechnique et Systèmes Intelligents) (MSI) et Intelligent Territory (Territoire Intelligent) (TI).

Last update : 07/04/2022