Technological Toolkit Spaces / Plateformes Technologiques

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Technological toolkit Spaces (plateformes technologiques -PFT in French) are educational tools for initial curriculums and continuing training, to develop projects in connection with VSE / SME. They are grouped within an association named INNOVALO.

Technology platforms are designed to support and promote innovation and technology transfer. They offer an opportunity to confront secondary/high school students or (under-)graduate students with real problems and VSEs / SMEs to access resources they could not afford (problems of cost, space, technology, …).

The technological platforms are the privileged places to develop projects involving multi-level curriculum (e.g., Bac Pro / BTS, IUT / engineering school or Master), or multi-disciplines (e.g., pre-sales / design).

The French law n ° 99-587 (July 12, 1999) upon innovation and research stipulates that high schools can ensure, by convention, (paid) services  in order to carry out technology transfer actions and professors may participate to these actions.


List of Technological Toolkit Spaces (TTS) of Bourgogne Franche-Comté :

They are located on this map. A general leaflet presenting the different Technological Toolkit Spaces is available here. A short description and contacts are available here.



Last update : 12/09/2018